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It is time to connect to your higher self, your inner power, and all that is divine

Hello and welcome back. I am as always grateful and appreciative to everyone who joins this path with me in creating a better world and a better life for each and every one of us. Along this journey it is important that we look after ourselves, our health, and our mental and spiritual well-being. While this may seem selfish, it actually puts us in a strong position to now be able to give more back to others. If we tirelessly try to look after everyone else then we will burn out, perhaps feel resent, and then we may end up exhausted and unwell ourselves. This is when our body lets us know it now needs some rest and that we pushed it too far. We can however take steps to look after ourselves every day, connect with our soul and the divine.

Many of us also work long hours and this can be very draining and tiring on our overall well-being. It would be great if companies around the world realised that to get the most productivity, energy and creativeness from their employees, all they need to do is ensure their staff have a strong balance between work and life. Each person needs time to feed their soul, their inner life force and connect with all that is divine. Every moment in our life is such a gift and it is important that we do take time to realise the blessings we have been given. Even when we face challenging or difficult times, these are the opportunities of great growth if we are prepared to go within.

You are extremely powerful. Your thoughts do create your world. To connect with your higher self and all that is divine, it is as simple as spending time in nature, time in meditation, time in gratitude, deep breathing, and prayer. For others it may be playing music, creating art or writing. All of these suggested methods will help you to connect to the universal energy source. In turn your inner power is awakened, and it is from here that your life transforms. Life begins to flow; the right people are there when needed or events happen at just the right time. It is important to be aware and present in the moment, so you do not miss the gifts the universe has ready for you. You may have a thought to contact a certain person and do not know why. Start to follow your intuition, start to follow your gut feelings. The more you do this the better you will become in tune with the universe, the amazing divinity that is within you and guiding you.

Allow time to balance work, family and your soul. It is ok to tell your family you need even just 15 minutes of time each day to yourself. It is ok to give your best at work without working ridiculous overtime. A well balanced employee will be a greater asset and more productive employee than one who continually drains their vitality with long hours. A well balanced person will be a more present, thoughtful and caring friend, lover, partner, and parent than a person who is caught up in everything else except looking after their own being and tuning into to the life force guiding us all.

Over the coming weeks please dedicate 15 minutes a day as a minimum to connect with your soul and higher self. If you can allow more that is even better. If you feel you do not have time, then set the alarm 15 minutes earlier each day and just try it out. Give it 3 weeks, see the results for yourself and make up your own mind.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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