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What can I expect from a Life Guidance Session?

I am here to listen to what areas of your life you are struggling with or having difficulties with. We talk though this, so that I understand exactly what you are facing and working though.

I will give you various ways on how to handle and overcome your life challenges and equip you with the knowledge and ability as to how to handle these situations moving forward.

By living your life from this different perspective you will see a flow on affect of positivity through your life as you learn to take back control of your world.  

What should I expect from a Theta session?

We will talk about what it is you would like assistance with, and this can cover a number of areas in your life . If you book a one hour session you can expect us to chat for about 35 to 40 minutes. In this time we will discuss and confirm what negative programs you currently have that you would like to remove and what positive information you would like to have to replace it. This information is generally worked out as we discuss any issues or concerns that you would like to resolve or change. We may use some kinesiology testing to confirm what we are working on.

For the following 10 to 15 minutes we spend the time in a relaxing meditative state where the divine healing happens.

At the end of the session I am always keen to hear about your experience while in the meditative state and how you are feeling.

Is there anything I should do prior to the session?

It is a great idea to be well hydrated prior for the session and I will have water ready to offer you while the session is in progress. 

Where can I purchase your books?

Celebrate Your Life -

Retracing Footsteps - A Life in Review -

How can I receive the latest posts as they are released?

You can subscribe to the website at the bottom of the home page or follow my posts on face book under Michelle's Energy Healing. 

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