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Alternative Health Treatments

A Unique approach

Life Guidance Sessions

Many people are not living from a place of inner peace and joy in their day to day lives. There is much anger, fear, and negativity out there and this is not only directed towards others but our own beings as well. Living this way unfortunately will not help to manifest a positive and loving future.


If you are struggling in your life I can help guide and assist you in your day to day life. I am here to listen and help you with ways to approach the challenges you face, talk through what may be creating any negativity in your world and how to bring in love and inner peace as the centre piece to your life.


We are the creators of our life story, and I am here to help guide you on the path so that you can embrace each day with the gift that is life.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is one of the oldest forms of energy healing using the Universal Life Force.  This is a healing system which originated in Japan developed by Master Mikao Usui.


Reiki is a potent and powerful method that can be used for developing harmony among the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical entities within oneself. It repairs damage in the aura and restores balance in the chakras.  

Reiki is all about energy balance and repair, which in turn allows the body to repair itself by drawing healing abilities from the Universe itself.

Theta Healing Sessions

Theta Healing is a prominent healing method which was created in 1995 by Vianna Stibal during her personal journey of healing from a leg tumor.

Theta Healing is where the practitioner is able to enter a Theta state, connecting with the creative source of God that enables incredible change in any area of your life. Programs and beliefs are pulled, changed and replaced on four levels. Core beliefs, Genetic programs, Past life programs and on the Soul level.

Core beliefs are beliefs that have been instilled on the subconscious mind from childhood.

Genetic programs are ancestral memories and are recorded in our DNA. It is a core belief that is believed to be more than 2 generations.

Past Life programs can be from deep genetic memory or from past lives. They can also come from the collective conscious.

Soul level can be affected if a person holds more than one level. Emotions such as grief and sorrow can be carried to the soul.

Theta Healing can have a life changing affect in any area of your life from health, career, spirituality, relationships, finances, creative abilities. Your success and happiness in every aspect of your life is determined by your unconscious beliefs. It is the unconscious mind which creates your behaviour patterns which in turn creates your reality.

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