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In this moment right now you are creating your future

Hello and welcome back. As always, I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the journey through this major turning point in time. There may appear to be much chaos on the planet, but the good news is that this is actually the dismantling of old ways that no longer serve us well and the incoming of more awareness, greater consciousness, light, truth and love so we can transform and co-create a future that is filled with peace, balance, harmony and unconditional love. We are waking up and learning just how powerful we truly are.

Whatever you are thinking and giving your time and energy to in this moment right now is creating your future. If you are focusing on lack or resentment this will not bring about a positive future. Regardless of what challenges you face now, be it your health, your finances, your relationships, the only way to move beyond that situation is to realise your connection to God, to the Universal Source, to all that is. Realise that the universe responds to you, to your thoughts, to your energy. If you want to change your future, then that starts in this moment right now.


Once you understand this power that you have been born and gifted with then it will change your perspective. You will become more conscious of your thoughts, the words you use, the energy that you send to yourself and others. This is when powerful transformation happens. What you focus on and give energy to you create.

We still face challenges as Earth is a place of learning and growth. This is what we chose to experience. The question is how will you handle that challenge? Knowing how powerful you are, how powerful your thoughts and words are, do you now choose to be more aware and conscious so that you can take your rightful position as co-creator for a better world, not only yourself but for the greater good of all?


Over the next few weeks I would suggest paying attention to your thoughts and words. What do you give focus, energy and attention to? Whatever it is, this is what you are creating for your future. It is time to take your power back and co-create with the universe. The future you desire all comes down to you in this very moment right now.


I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.




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