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How to release challenging emotions

Hello and welcome back! I hope this post finds you well and please know that I am always happy to receive emails so that you can share your journey, feedback, and ask questions that you may like some thoughts or guidance on.

As the energetic vibrations across our beautiful Earth increase and the Schuman's Resonance (the Earths heartbeat) increases there may appear to be more chaos around as this is a time of great change and cleansing. All the emotions that are arising in many of us are arising to show us what we need to work through and release. It is time for us to let go of the old ways and embrace a new way forward that is filled with compassion, love, harmony, and peace.   

I am on this journey as well, which is why I am so grateful to all of you on the same path and I want to reassure you that you are not alone. We still have challenges that we face but all the emotions that arise are there to be acknowledged and released. The easy path is to follow the emotion and allow it to take us over. None of this helps our own well-being or the people around us. We are all connected so the positive changes we make not only help us but in turn they go on to help others.


I am not suggesting we need to be a shining light all the time. This is a time for release and cleansing so that we can bring in new and higher energies to create a brighter path for ourselves and future generations. It is ok to feel, acknowledge and talk about the negativity that arises within you, but please do not let it take you over. There are steps you can take to help release and cleanse your energy field.

Please know you have the power to change the negative energies that arise. This is something that many of us have not been taught but I hope it will become something we teach everyone one day so that they are better equipped than those of us on this journey now. Please know how amazing you are as you are helping to co-create a better world not only for yourself but for all the future generations. You are here for a very important reason, and you have chosen to lead the path to a beautiful future and world for all.

For the next few weeks when you feel emotional or challenged by life, please take time to focus on taking some slow deep breaths for a few minutes. Feel positive energy come in and breathe out all the negative. Next see yourself being surrounded by a beautiful white light that surrounds you and your energy field. Feel and visualise all the negative energy being washed away by this brilliant white light and sent to Mother Earth for cleansing. Now see the love of the universal source, our Creator, all angels, and your spirit guides flooding you with love and appreciation.   


You are so much more powerful than you have been told! Let’s embrace our power and share this gift with others.     


I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.



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