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How to come from a place of inner peace and joy when the world around you appears chaotic

Hello and welcome back. I hope this post finds you all well and what an amazing time to be alive!

It may often feel like there is much chaos around us. First of all sometimes that chaos maybe there to guide us to something better. We have an inner knowing, our amazing intuition that is there calling out for us to listen. That intuition is guiding us to make the necessary changes we need to make to create the world we truly desire.

Secondly the chaos can be there to shed the light on that which may not appear positive but needs to come to the light so we can make the required changes. We have all been through some challenging years the last few years and even now this continues with rising costs of living as one example.

How do we live our lives from a place of love and peace with these challenges? My first suggestion is to learn to know when you are coming from a place of ego. Unfortunately our ego loves to be right at all costs. Our ego will rear its ugly head on the roads, at the shops, with the family and in the workplace. It is proud and wants to be right and feel better than others. When we can let the ego go it is very freeing! If it helps you can vision yourself hanging up your ego self and leaving it behind as you venture out for the day. Put on your suit of love and joy and see what difference that makes to your day.

On our human journey we will always encounter difficulties. That is part of the agreement we entered into. If we are not challenged, then we would not learn. You are however the creator of your life story. You may not be in charge of everything that happens to you or around you, but you do choose how to react. That is where your power lies! You can come from a place of love, or you can let the ego take over and the result may not go so well.

With those challenges beyond our control we can get angry about them, or we can turn to gratitude for even the smallest thing such as sitting in the sunshine or the sound of the rain. Negative emotions such as anger do not help any situation, nor do they help your well-being. Gratitude however will let the universe know to continue to bring you more gifts because of your appreciation and it will also help your overall well-being.

If you are struggling with your mood or negativity, then take 5 minutes out. Remember sunlight and grounding (bare feet to the earth) all help to recharge your body and uplift your mood. This along with gratitude should help to shift your energy quickly.

Please feel free to try these suggestions out for your self over the coming weeks.

I wish you much love and light and I look forward to the next post.


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