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Feeling angry, overwhelmed or just had a bad day and your positivity has disappeared….what now?

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Welcome back! I am very grateful to share some hopefully positive insights to assist in our tougher days.

.First remember you are a soul having a human experience. As humans we are going to go through various emotions through our life, both good and bad, and this is natural. This is part of what we came to experience even though we may question why we would want to experience this at that point in time that we are filled with this negative energy. Regardless I believe you did choose to be here for this experience so now what can we do to handle it? While this negative energy temporarily takes over our being it is difficult to be told to calm down or to just let it go. In fact this can often make us spiral into further anger or negative emotions.

A hard pill to swallow but one I am going to put out there is that every time we allow our negative energy to basically take over our being means we have allowed our ego to get in the way as well. The ego rears its ugly head, and the negative emotions arise because life, situations, people, or what we wanted or expected are not going the way we had hoped. Without ego we can come from a place of peace and love and know that everything that is happening is all for a divine reason. Perhaps to help us learn more about ourselves, to help improve a life situation that was not actually helpful for our soul growth. The question now is while you are in the midst of this anger or feeling over whelming negative energy what should you do to move forward and get out of it?

My suggestion is to first of all acknowledge to yourself that this energy is currently active in your being and possibly wanting more angst to help feed itself. Everything is energy and this negative emotion is now a creation that wants to live. By acknowledging the emotion you have already shone some light on the darkness.

Next, be honest with people around you. It is ok to let them know you are not in the best place right now and could use a bit of space. This is far better than trying to pretend nothing is wrong and allowing the negative energy monster to find more reasons to have its energy fed and the ego to come up with further reasons to run with its woe is me story.

Once the people around you know where you are at you can focus further on acknowledging the energy and releasing the energy. There are many ways to release the energy but this now comes down to each individual. Everyone is it different, so for some it will be exercise, meditation, painting, drawing, music, time in nature or writing. We are all different but we have many tools available to us to help calm the negative beast that may want to appear.

When you next feel negativity arrive in your being that feels like it wants to consume you or overtake you please remember you have a choice. You can choose to follow the emotion and let it temporarily take over you or you can choose to put the ego down and take steps to acknowledge what is going on within your own being. This is the beginning of us learning to take control of our emotions rather than allowing our emotions to take control of us.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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