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Your thoughts and words are so powerful

Hello and welcome back. I am grateful to each of you joining me on this amazing journey to continue improving the world we live in and the future we are creating.

I have mentioned many times how powerful our thoughts are, and they truly are very powerful. Each thought is an energy that sends a signal to the universe of the world you would like to create. When you are focused on positivity then that is what you will bring into your life. As we are all connected and co-creators together the more of us that can come from a place of positivity and love the more we will help uplift others and together we continue to create a better world for everyone.

The words you say are also just as powerful so they should be used very wisely. If you put yourself down often to yourself or to others, including in jest, then that will only bring further negativity to you. If your words to others are negative, then it is important to be aware that what you give out comes back to you. This does not mean however if someone is rude or out of line that you cannot call them out. I highly encourage and always have, that you stand your ground. When I talk about negativity to others it is along the lines of negative judgements and gossip.

Many people say they feel tired and life is challenging and while I acknowledge that it can be, the more we state the words and think those thoughts the more we continue to create that world for ourselves. We have the power to use our thoughts and words to create a better way of life. You can think and say everyday words that declare you are healthy and filled with energy, words to declare life flows easily and words to declare that your body is healed and healthy.

Please remember that it can take time to reverse what you have created. Many people do not like to hear that they have created what they may be going through and many people have spent years with negative thoughts and words. Think back and be honest with yourself as to how many years you may have neglected yourself mentally and verbally. As you begin the process of turning this around, every single positive thought and word is like an added drop in the ocean. Why not visualise this process happening quickly or immediately though and declare only good things for yourself moving forward? We really are just that powerful.

I would suggest as a starting point over the next few weeks to become aware of the thoughts and words you use about yourself and others. If you become aware of the negativity you can quickly replace it with a positive. Our challenge in this life that we have agreed to be part of is to awaken to the amazing abilities that we all have that have been hidden from us. We are all connected to the universal source of all that is love and all that is divine. Once you realise this you can begin to work with the universe to co-create an amazing, loving and peaceful life. What a blessing and gift to find out that we truly do have this power!

I wish you much love and light and I look forward to the next post.


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