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You do not have to carry and face challenges by yourself

Hello and welcome back! I am always excited to share another post with like-minded people on this incredible journey of learning and growth together.

Whether you realise or it or not your soul has chosen to be here at this major turning point in time. There are many changes happening on the earth right now. The energy frequency is rising and for many this may be challenging. We are here to learn and grow and but as the energies coming through increase, we may find ourselves facing extra challenges on where we may need to work on ourselves so that we can rise with these frequency changes. There may at times appear to be much darkness on the earth as well but there are many ways to assist you in navigating through this. Remember you are the creator of your life.

I am a big fan on the work of Delores Cannon who worked in hypnotherapy for over 30 years. Her work led her to the field of past life regressions. Whether you believe in past lives or not does not matter for this story. I came across a video of her speaking to an audience on life after death. She paints the picture of how wonderful it is when the time to pass comes as we are now free to go where we choose, be with loved ones, be at peace and we are free of the heaviness that often comes with life. It is those left behind on the earth plane that struggle.

Delores brings up how we then move on to our life review where we get to see not only the positive but also the negative impacts we had. We now see how the other person who was hurt by us felt through our words or actions. We see and feel their side of the story. When I personally think about this, I realise how important it is for us to always make sure our words, actions and thoughts come from a place of love. Remember thoughts carry energy as well. You can speak your truth; you can stand up for yourself but there is no need to come from a place of hate or anger. It certainly makes me very aware that while I am alive that it is important to come from a more loving and compassionate place.

As I mentioned there are ways to navigate through the challenges that cross our path. There are of course many beliefs out there so for some it maybe God, for others universal source, the divine power or the creator of all that is. The list goes on. I personally love to put on the armour of God and ask to be surrounded by Gods angels as I face an uncomfortable or challenging situation. This gives me an inner strength that I can handle whatever challenge I am faced with.

We may feel like we are here alone sometimes to deal with our many challenges. Please realise there is a higher power to call on to support you and help you through. You never have to face these challenges alone. Hand your worries and fears over to the higher powers. Let them go and trust everything will work out. The worries and fears only hold you down and tied into a world where you may feel trapped and unhappy.

You are the creator, and you are much more powerful than you realise. Please try this over the coming weeks and see the results for yourself.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.


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