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You are much more powerful than you realise!

Hello and welcome back. One of the things I love the most is to help people realise that they are far more powerful than they realise. Unfortunately many people are not taught nor are they aware of just how powerful they truly are. We often muddle and struggle our way through life. It is like we let life happen to us and around us rather than becoming the co-creator of the life we want. Many people feel they have no power except to continue with the day to day grind and its dramas.

We believe what we are taught and more often than not we are being raised to not ask questions. I find this alarming and wonder why the need for such programmed and robotic behaviour. Should we not question and be inquisitive? Why is there the need for so much control and censorship?

The exciting part is that I am sure that as more of us become aware of this God given ability that we are co-creators of our world, we will not only continue to spread the word to others, but it will also become important information that we will teach to the youth. How wonderful for them to grow up being taught the power that they hold? The power that all of us hold.

Your thoughts are so powerful. Unfortunately many people repeat the same negative thoughts every day. These negative thoughts are sent out to the universe and the universe will always deliver. With this knowledge we can all actively turn these thoughts around to our advantage. Start your day with loving words to yourself and continue this through the day. Send loving thoughts to others and see everything going smoothly. Please remember if you have given years of negativity to yourself and others this will take time to undo all those drops of negativity to turn it around, but it is definitely worth the effort! By doing this you have now taken your control back.

Your thoughts are the starting point of your power of creation. This in turn will affect your energy and frequency. We are all connected and the energy we emit is felt by all of those around us.

It is time for us to reclaim our power. This is the power we were born with, but many were not taught. Let’s spread the word and let’s spread the love and co-create this beautiful world where we know we have the power to make positive changes. A world where the truth can be spoken, where people can question, where we do not feel controlled but instead where we work together towards harmony, inner peace, and joy for this amazing life we have been blessed with.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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