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You are here for an important reason

Hello and welcome back. I hope this post finds you well and hopefully in a space of seeing some positive changes to your life from some of the previous post’s suggestions. Please always feel free to email me with any feedback or suggestions.

The fact that you are here and now at this point in time on earth means that you are here for a very important reason. Do you often feel like there is more to your life and wonder what your purpose may be? Do you feel that perhaps you are here for something bigger than what you are currently doing, but you are not sure what it is that you are meant to do? If you feel like this then please rest assured that you are not alone.


Whether you are aware or not at this stage there has been much negativity on this planet for a very long time. Many of us here now however have volunteered to come in to help lift and shine the light on the dark energy. As we learn how to raise our own energy levels and gain the knowledge that we can create our future, we actually end up working with the universal source to make incredible changes.

It does not matter what your job title is or whether you even have a job. It does not matter how many material possessions you have, how much money you make or what level of education you have. It does not matter how many friends you have on social media. None of this truly matters. It may seem nice but again it is not what matters. You can have all of these things and still feel empty and left wondering why. Some people continue to try and fill the void…..but they do not take the time to understand why the void is there in the first place.


The void is filled through a connection to all that is divine, the universal source, the God source. The choice of words is what feels right for you. Through unconditional love, connection with nature, gratitude, kindness and patience with others. This is what matters. This is what will fill your heart with joy. This is what is needed right now. Compassion and love is the key.


When you come from a place of love you automatically bring in the light to this planet. If you are still reading this then that is what you came to do. This means that no matter what you are doing in your life right now you are here to help bring in light and love and help remove the darkness.

We are in a time of a great awakening. If you do your research, you will find out there has been great corruption and deceit going on for a very long time. And the darkness goes much further than the average person may want to know. Many still choose to turn a blind eye to this but that is ok as that is their choice. To those with the stirring that there is still more than where you are currently at then you are on the path to fulfilling this important reason that you are here.


Bring in your light, bring in your joy, connect to the universal source and know that is the biggest and most important thing you can do right now in this planet. The more of us that do this the faster we transform this world back to a planet that comes from the light.


For joining me on this journey I am grateful, and I thank you.


I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.



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