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Unleashing your true power

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Hello again and welcome back. I am grateful to those of you who are back again and to anyone new coming on board. I am really excited about today’s chat.

I understand life can be challenging but please know that through the challenges, through what at times may feel unbearable, we grow. If you are looking for a way to find your path in life, if you are feeling lost, if you just need some guidance, the answer already lies within you and there is always plenty of support available if you so choose. There are many people uniting together to offer support, to share what they have been through and ultimately to uplift each other.

Today I would like to help offer guidance with steps you can take now to help you physically, mentally and spiritually. We are after all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are energetic beings and far more powerful than we realise. Every thought you have carries energy and helps to create your world. Given this information it becomes very important to be aware of each thought you have as it is creating the world in which you live. If a negative thought does arise, the best action is to immediately cancel it, do not accept it and replace it with a positive and loving thought.

Be kind to yourself at all times. What you think, you help create, because that is how powerful you really are. Knowing this how you could not only want to focus on positive thoughts to create a beautiful world to live in.

In addition to this we really are all one and connected. The more beings on this planet that learn the power of positivity and love and follow this path the more we raise the overall energetic vibration on the planet. As this continues, we help others and lift their energetic vibration just by being around them. The flow on effect will lead to huge shifts in our world. It is like a log catching fire and then the others around it are ignited. It is beautiful and inspiring. Let’s all work together to create heaven on earth.

Don’t waste time in the past for it is already done. Don’t waste time on the future for that is wasted energy on something that may or may not happen. Be present in the moment and focus only on the moment. By doing so you will have the energy to cope with what is happening right now. If you add in negative possible future outcomes and allow negative past events, it becomes overwhelming and does not help in the world that you are creating.

There are techniques available to assist you in remaining present and in the moment. First of all notice your breathing. When we are stressed we often hold our breath. If you feel stressed, I would suggest stopping what you are doing for just a moment and take a deep breath in, feel your stomach rise and then a nice deep breath out. This in turn will help your body to calm and help you to be able to refocus on what it is you need to attend to now.

There is saying that I am sure you all know and that is that you are what you eat. I highly recommend avoiding fast food and takeaway. You can of course test this one out for yourself. When you eat fresh salads and vegetables with your home made meal, I am sure you will agree you feel better than having a KFC or McDonalds meal. Your body is your temple so it is important to do what we can to look after it. I am sure you will feel better for it too!

Meditation and time in nature will do much to calm a busy mind. Many people will claim not to have the time available. However, by taking the time to replenish the body in this way you will actually be able to be more productive, feel healthier and more connected to your inner being. Creativity will flow, humour in life can be seen and life will feel lighter.

There is so much for us all to be excited about. As you realise your power, that you are in actual fact the one that creates your moments now and in the future, it is very freeing, filled with love and for me personally a gratefulness to the divine higher powers that are waiting for us to waken up to the special gifts we have been blessed with.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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