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Time to wake to the reality of the world and reclaim your power

Hello and welcome back. I hope this post finds you all well. I feel it is past time to start addressing the recent and current events here on our beautiful earth.

It seems that after the past few years of experiencing lockdowns, forced experimental vaccinations to keep your job or even just enter a coffee shop, wearing a face mask that actually restricts your ability to breathe the fresh air and provide your body with much needed oxygen, that many people think that life is back to normal.

I am not sure how we could possibly go back to what we thought was normal after this. The challenges continue to come towards us as interest rates, inflation and the cost of living continue to rise. The governments worldwide provide reasons as to why this must happen to their own people all the while making sure they themselves are well taken care of. With every interest rate increase, with every price increase another person can no longer afford their rent, their mortgage, the good food they once were able to put on the dinner plate for their family.

Here in Australia I have noticed an increasing amount of people living in their car or living in a tent at the local park. I have seen similar images worldwide of increasing poverty.

There are also those who travel around the world in their private jets, eating only the finest of foods to speak about climate change to save the planet all the while advising that we the common people should have limited ability to travel, remove the family car and reduce our meat intake to help the planet not to mention adding a carbon tax if we fly and taxing cows for farting…..really?...does this make sense?

If you really think about everything that has been going on around our beautiful world for many years now you may start to realise that as we look back and look around us now that many things do not make sense and that we the people are perhaps not being looked after as we might have thought.

This is where we can step in and reclaim our power. We have the ability to create our world and our future. Please give time if you choose to focus on the world you want to live in. Give time every day to creating this world. Your thoughts are so powerful. Much more powerful than you have been taught! If you get caught up in the fear, then this only helps to attract more negative into your life.

If you struggle with any fear and you would like to let it go then hand it over to God/ universal source. Talk to your angels, spirit guides, a higher power and ask for help. There is help at hand, you have only to ask. We have so much support around us from the spiritual realm. They want to help us reclaim our power and help us to co-create a positive loving world here on earth.

If you are still reading this, then you chose to come to earth at this time to help with this most important mission. You are here to help ensure this world now and in the future is a world filled with love, truth and a safe haven to help not only ourselves but more importantly our future generations blossom into the amazing co-creators that we were all meant to be.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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