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The powerful healing energy of the sun

Hello and welcome back. I am excited today to share with you the amazing healing benefits of the sun.

First of all the sun has major benefits for uplifting our moods. Sunlight and darkness trigger the release of hormones in the brain. Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting our mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. Without enough sun exposure, your serotonin levels can dip. Low levels of serotonin are associated with a higher risk of depression.

Exposure to the sun causes a person’s skin to create vitamin D and this plays a big role in our bone health, managing calcium levels, reducing inflammation, supporting the immune system and glucose metabolism to name a few.

While excess sunlight has been attributed to cancer, a moderate amount has preventative benefits when it comes to cancer, diabetes type 1 and multiple sclerosis (MS).


Exposure to the sun has also been linked to lower blood pressure and reduced deaths from cardiovascular issues.

It is ideal to have up to 15 minutes of sun on your skin in the early hours of the morning or late afternoon.

In summary by taking the time to spend a short amount of time in the sun each day where weather permits you are assisting your overall well-being, improving your mood, boosting the immune system, relieving pain, promoting relaxation, reducing depression and helping to improve your sleep.

I hope this information has been beneficial but as always, I encourage you to test it out for yourself for a few weeks and see how you feel.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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