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The power of gratitude and love

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Hello and welcome back. I hope this post finds you well and enjoying this incredible adventure we are on together.

No matter how hard or challenging life can be there is always a way through the dark moments and the dark days if you choose. If you live your life coming from a place of gratitude and love this will transform your life. If you are struggling to find something to be grateful for then start with very basics things such as gratitude for waking up to another day of life, gratitude for the sunshine and the rain, the birds outside singing and for the beautiful flowers that grow.

No matter how your world appears this gratefulness does go out to the universe and this in turn will bring you further blessings to be grateful for. It is a great idea to start the day by giving thanks to what you are grateful for rather than focusing on what you do not have or thinking negatively about the day ahead. Remember you are the co-creator of your world so please do focus on the blessings instead and this will help bring positivity to the day ahead.

Let everything you do, say and think come from a place of love. While giving gratitude to the blessings in your life in the morning it is also a great idea to send love to yourself and others. You can send love to every cell of your body, you can send love to your hands, your feet, or wherever you choose. This lets your body know it is loved. I once had major work done on my gums and was told it would take several weeks after each session to heal. Prior to having the work done, during the work being done and after having had the work done, I would say the words “I love you my gums, I have always loved you my gums, I will always love you my gums”. Every time they healed so quickly that it was within a matter of days, not weeks. I love this saying and use it not only on myself but for loved ones, my work and our amazing universe.

For the next few weeks please try starting your day from a place of gratitude and love. See if you can carry this with you though the day. If work is rough, if your day seems tough then step away for a moment and come back to a place of gratitude and love.

You face challenges in life, but you are the one with the power to decide if you will come from a place of negativity or positivity. As I have said before you really are much more powerful thank you realise. The universe will give you what you are sending out with your thoughts and words. With this knowledge we should embrace this gift and co-create a beautiful world together.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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