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The importance of Energy and how to protect yours

Welcome back and thank you for joining me again on this amazing journey.

Everything around us is made of energy, the beautiful earth, the trees, the plants, the animals and of course we as humans are also energetic beings. Once we understand this, we can learn how to create a better life for ourselves and bring about positive outcomes. I write and talk a lot about how our thoughts help to create our world. That is because thoughts also carry energy, and they will bring back to you what it is you keep thinking about.

Today I would like to stress the importance of protecting your energy. If you come across someone who is angry, wanting to bring you down or make you feel worthless they are actually trying to take your energy from you. The person doing this is most likely unaware of what is going on at an energetic level as it is all happening on a sub-conscious level. As you however become aware of what is going on you can now begin to protect yourself so that you keep your energy level where it is, or perhaps even raise it.

First of all when you find yourself in these situations you can now begin to view what is happening from a different perspective. Instead of taking offence or reacting straight away make a decision not to allow your energy to be given away to this person. I personally love the silent words to myself of “I do not consent”. You can finish this sentence with whatever you choose. For example, I do not consent to my energy being drained.

By making the choice to not buy into the drama of the other persons words, actions or comments you have taken control of your energy. By staying calm and reacting in a positive manner this person will not have taken anything from you for their energy to feed off and will go else where to find a new situation or person where they can find the energy they think they need to take to boost their own ego or being.

Next time you find someone raising their voice or possibly shouting at you please take a few deep breaths, keep your voice or words calm and you will see the situation itself will return to peace. If this does not happen, then the person yelling will look quite silly and hopefully end up leaving to think about their own actions and how they handled the situation. The main thing is that they did not take your energy. Please test it for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

I am keen to go into further detail about energy in later posts and how we can learn to work with it for our highest good.

I wish you love and light and look forward to the next post.


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