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The answer to turning your world and the entire world into a place of peace and harmony

Hello and welcome back. I am always appreciative to all of you who continue this journey of learning and growth with me.

While there may seem to be much chaos and negativity on the planet, which we can easily be caught up in, I believe the way to free ourselves from this darkness is first and foremost through love. I have mentioned before that we are all connected. This is because we all come from the universal source. We are all souls that have chosen to have this experience on earth.

Unfortunately many have been overtaken by much negativity and fear and staying in that mindset does not produce a positive outcome. It is important for us to be able to move forward to learn to love ourselves and others, recognise our fellow humans as souls on the same journey as we are, they may of course just be at a different stage and that is ok. As we learn to love every person, gift and blessing that is in our life, we emit an energy that not only affects those around us but also helps to create a more loving and joyous future.

Anything that is dark or negative cannot stand the light. To this I say let us all shine our light and love as brightly as possible. As we consciously do this, we are like a log on fire that helps all the other logs around it to do the same and the force becomes unstoppable.

If you find yourself struggling against any darkness in your life, then I would recommend spending time every day on anything that may be positive in your world. Please do not give the negative your energy. As I have said many times you truly are the creator of your world. Focus on every positive, no matter how small. Gratefulness of a flower, a bird, or the sun shining. Start as small as you need to. The more you do this the more the positive energy comes through. With this your first log is lit and then love takes over and your life and everyone’s life around you is impacted in a positive manner

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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