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Simple suggestions to protect your energy

Hello and Welcome back. I hope this message finds you all well and I am grateful that you have taken the time to continue this journey with me.

The life going on around us can feel chaotic at times. It is important for your vitality and well-being to avoid getting caught up in situations and conversations that have a negative impact on you that did not need to affect you. Stay away from gossip and drama where possible. There are enough challenges going on in life without partaking in these conversations. You will generally find that a person who gossips to you about others will likely be gossiping about you to others when you are not around.

To maintain your health and well-being you can of course empathise and sympathise with challenges of others you care about and are close to you, but you also need to protect yourself at the same time. We all need support and someone we can confide in when we are having a hard time or feeling down. However if you finish having a conversation with someone and feel drained physically or emotionally. this is because you have given your energy over to the other person. Many people who gossip and regularly share all the negativity going on in their world are doing this in order to increase their energy levels by taking yours. They are not even aware on an energetic level as to what they are doing. They just know they want to share the latest news and keep you up to date with the latest drama. This may not even be their drama but rather the drama that their brother’s roommate is going through. There is a big difference between needing to talk to someone about your personal concerns over sharing what is going on that is negative in the lives of other people around them.

Where possible remove yourself from this type of negative energy as it is not beneficial to you. You can ask God, the universe, your angels, or spirit guides to surround you in the white light of love and divine protection. With very negative people or situations I also like to call upon an energetic mirror ball to surround me so that any negative energies that come towards me are bounced back from where they came.

Your energy is very precious on many levels, so it is important to protect it. Start paying attention to how you feel before and after speaking with different people. You will notice that there are some people who will lift your mood and help you to feel better even though you may not have been having a great day, whereas there are others that you may start to sense internally that you would prefer to avoid or stay away from.

Please try it out for yourself over the coming weeks. Listen to your inner self and see how you feel. In situations that cannot be avoided then remember the white light of love and divine protection or the mirror ball or both.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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