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Overcoming self-doubt

Hello and welcome back. I hope this post finds you well.  I am very excited to have received a request for information on the topic of self-doubt so that is what todays post will be about. Please feel free to email me with any other topics you might like addressed or questions you may have at You can also subscribe to my website at the bottom of the first page or follow me on facebook -Michelle’s Energy Healing -


Self-doubt can affect our confidence in any area of our life from the workplace, financial stability, how we look, our health, through to our relationships with others. When facing self-doubt in any area the goal is not to spend time and energy re-enforcing it. Remember that what we give attention to through our thoughts and words creates energy that is sent out to the universe and the universe listens and responds.

You can acknowledge that the doubt in yourself is there and then immediately take steps to address this in a positive manner. Remember you hold all the power. Many people do not realise that they are the creator of their world, so without this knowledge they easily allow negativity to creep into their thoughts, allowing life to happen to them, often in a downward spiral, instead of taking charge and helping to bring in the positive changes they desire.


When the self-doubt comes in my suggestion is to first realise and acknowledge that this doubt is an energy form. This energy form wants to exist and needs your negativity to feed it and help it grow. Acknowledge that it is there and let it know that you choose not to accept its presence. From here use the power of your thoughts as to how you would like yourself to be, what you would like to achieve, what job you would like to have, how you would like to look, what financial stability you would like or how you would like the relationships in your life to be. It would be very beneficial to take the time to write down your ideal outcome or goal.


My suggestion over the next few weeks is to write down your goal of what you would like your reality to be. Read it regularly, visualise it, meditate on it, pray about it, and thank the universe for bringing this to you. Anytime the doubt comes in, acknowledge it and let it know you do not choose to follow that path and then reinforce this by thanking the universe for bringing the right people, situations or inner strength to achieve what you want to create.


You are so much more powerful than you realise. It is time to reclaim that power and enjoy the amazing journey that lies ahead.


I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.



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