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No need to be angry or hold negativity towards others, Karma will take care of it!

Hello and welcome back! I am hoping to give a different perspective to you today to assist you when you have been done wrong by or when you know someone who may be working to their own egoic benefit or agenda and not in the interest of the greater good.

As you know everything is energy including your thoughts, actions, and words. If someone targets you in any negative way, to bring you down, to make you feel unworthy, to harm you or steal from you, universal karma will take care of it. For every negative thought and action needs to be addressed and will be. With this knowledge it makes it much easier for us to keep ourselves in a positive mindset knowing that the universe has it covered and not allow ourselves to be consumed in the negativity from what has occurred. It is important to remember that the person intended, consciously or unconsciously, for us to spiral into negativity. We know however that the other person will now need to pay the price for their actions and thoughts. There is no need for us to focus or carry any negative energy. We can speak our minds and stand up for ourselves, in fact I think this is important, but we can do it from a place of love knowing there is a greater picture at play.

On this note it is very important to watch your own thoughts. We may do everything we can do to act in a positive manner but if our thoughts towards others are negative then the energy is put out there and it will come back to you. This really highlights the importance of monitoring our own thoughts. We are all connected, and it is important that we realise no matter what the cover of the book looks like there is a soul on a journey just like you are. If you do have that negative thought against someone you can quickly cancel it and send them love.

It is important to note to that there is a difference between negative thoughts towards a person and facts about a person. If someone yells and swears at you then the fact is that person has been rude and not nice in that moment in time. If however you have negative thoughts because you have a level of jealousy or envy about their life or their person, then this sort of thought is not helping you in a positive manner.

This also does not mean that you need to like everyone you encounter. It is ok to not like someone. It is likely in these instances that your energies are vibrating at different levels, perhaps there is some past life history or maybe they agreed to come into your life to challenge you or to help you grow. Remember this is always something bigger at play than what we may realise or understand.

There are negative people and people who are intentionally not nice or just downright rotten and even evil. What they do is in no way acceptable. All I am suggesting is to not let them affect you, do not give them your energy, it is not theirs to take. You have the power to remain in control of your energy. You know karma has been created for them that they must now deal with. You are strong, and only you can make the choice as to how to handle the situation. Stay in a place of love and light. Reject the negative energy coming your way and rest assured the universe has your back.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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