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Letting go…

Hello and welcome back! I hope this this post finds you well in this amazing journey we are on.


In this post I wanted to discuss the freedom that comes with letting go of the need to control all aspects of your life. We may not even realise how much we try to control until we really take the time to reflect upon our own thoughts, words and actions. By being present in the moment we can learn to witness our actions, reactions and observe our behaviour.


It can be quite odd and confronting to witness yourself in full presence rather than let the emotion take complete control. It does make it easier to pull back from the emotion that wants to take control and feed its energy. The feeling of witnessing yourself in full presence to me is like when you become aware that you are in a dream. There is a very surreal feeling about it.


While practising presence in my own life it has shown me how much I often like to try to control situations or outcomes. I think many people are the same and this can be seen when the outcome does not go the way we want, and we often end up getting angry or upset. This can be when the ego comes out and rears its ugly head.


When you make the decision however to let go of controlling outcomes and trust in the universe and the divine plan it brings about much inner peace. You can give your guidance and thoughts to others and then it is their choice as to how they choose to proceed. This is in all situations from the workplace to family members to almost any situation you find yourself in. Talk to the universal source, put your request in for the outcome you desire and then completely let go and trust. Remember that the divine source of all that is ultimately knows what is best for you. The universe will guide you on your path. You only need to trust, don’t fight what is not working and let everything flow.


Over the next few weeks my suggestion would be to practise being as present as possible in your life. Speak your truth with love, follow your intuition, visualise positive outcomes and then trust. Everything does not always go as we planned but I truly believe there is a reason for everything that occurs. Perhaps the date did not go well because the right person is just around the corner. Perhaps the job interview was not successful because the right job is just around the corner. There is much more at play than we often realise.


When you let go and trust there is a weight lifted off your shoulders. You are powerful and you are a co-creator. Part of co-creating is working with the divine source and trusting it is there working with you.


I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.



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