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It is time to embrace your power

Hello and welcome back! I hope this post finds you well and embracing the amazing being that you are.

I am very passionate about helping others to learn just how powerful they truly are. Most people are brought up from birth with very limiting beliefs about themselves. We are conditioned from the moment we are born. We are told to be quiet, sit still, behave and get good grades at school. If we do this, then we can then get a good job, work hard and then use that hard earned money to buy a house, a car and if we are lucky, we can look forward to a holiday at some point in the future, and that sadly is what keeps many of us going through the general mundaneness of work life and life challenges in general. Many people will raise a family of their own passing down the same beliefs they were brought up with and repeating the same patterns.   


My own personal journey of growth was led by the desire to eliminate the pain and suffering that I carried, a pain that many of us carry through our lives and yet we think it is normal, so we stay quiet and keep the patterns we were taught going. Work hard, be good and pay the bills, all the while looking forward to a day off. For me personally I was sure there was more to life than this and so my search began. On an amazing journey still continuing for over 20 years I have learnt that we had not been given all the information about our true abilities to create and work with universe. We were not taught about our God given gifts that we were born with. We were not taught about how powerful our thoughts and words were. We were not taught that we are the creators of our realities.   

When things go wrong, we generally look outside ourselves for the cause of this pain or suffering. We blame other people or situations for our hurt or grievances. We have done this because we did not know any better. I am not saying that a person did not hurt you or a situation didn’t challenge you. We are here to grow so every situation that is difficult or challenging is a chance to grow. The choice is always yours. You can follow the negativity that arises and spiral downwards, continuing to draw further negativity or you can acknowledge the hurt or the pain and take steps to release it.

Regardless of what you are faced with you have control of your reaction and the way you respond to the emotions that arise. Everything is energy and everything is connected. Whatever you choose the universe will honour.   


When we learn that we can turn within, that we are connected to the Divine source and that the power of the source flows through us we can embrace this and take control of our life. We can change our future in this very moment now. I hope one day we teach the children of the world how powerful they are and how to embrace and release emotions.

For the next few weeks I would suggest that as you encounter any hurtful or challenging situations that you become present in the moment before the emotion has you off and running with its negativity. Acknowledge what has arisen within you and embrace the fact that you have the choice as to how to respond and move forward. The more peace and balance that you bring to yourself the more peace and balance the universe will bring to you.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.



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