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Exciting times are here as the energetic vibration keeps lifting

Hello and welcome! We are living in unprecedented times as the energy of the earth and people continues to increase to higher vibrations. This is exciting because as the vibration rises, we together create an earth filled with peace, love, and harmony. We develop a genuine care, love and understanding to all beings and feel more connected to the earth, mother nature, and divine love itself.

It is important as we go through this energetic transition to realise that while it may feel like there is still much chaos happening around us and across the world, this chaos is the falling away of old ways that no longer serves the greater good. This chaos may at times seem frightening and bring about unknown times where we may feel unsure about the future. No matter how it appears, or how dark things seem, please do not give additional focus in that direction for we as creators need to maintain the positive vision of the new world filled with love and light, where the darkness will no longer exist.

If news does come out about events that have been happening that are negative, rather than feeling down about it, gossiping or talking to others about it and feeding that energy, lets be glad it has been brought to the light so we can ensure those events do not happen again.

Remember that the universe always delivers, so put your trust and faith in God, in our creator, in the higher powers and yourself. As I have mentioned you are here for a reason and part of that reason is to help in this amazing and necessary transition to creating a better world.

Everything you do to help yourself, to improve and forgive yourself, to love and empower yourself, is also helping the collective in the most positive way imaginable. My advice for today is to turn off the mainstream news as they do not currently tell us positive news stories but instead focus on stories that can bring about fear and dread. Focus on your moment now without the news. Sit outside and just breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sounds around you. Watch the clouds, the birds, the trees. Spend time with loved ones. These moments are much more precious and will not only help you, but all of those around you.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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