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Everything is energy and we are all connected

Hello and welcome back. I am very appreciative to all of you on this journey of growth with me. As we learn and grow it is amazing to do so with the support of others on the same journey.

I regularly talk about energy and the reason it is so important is that everything carries energy, radiates energy and is energy. Your thoughts are energy that float out into the universe to help bring back what you are thinking about. If you speak or think negatively about yourself, you really are sending out a signal to the universe that this is who you are, so it is so important to make sure your thoughts and words towards yourself are always with love.

This is the same with thoughts and words towards others. We are all intertwined and in the words of Delores Cannon we are all part of a tapestry and interwoven together. If you are negative towards another or speak negatively towards someone this all carries energy. It is important to be very aware and conscious of all thoughts, words and actions. If you put negativity out there, you can rest assured it will come back to you.

On a positive note you can now use this knowledge to your advantage. If you can come from a place of gratitude and thankfulness for all that you have, no matter how small the starting point, then rest assured more will come to you. Those who live in a conscious place of gratitude will continue to create and bring more blessings to your life.

As we are all energetic beings this also means like attracts like. When you are in a negative frame of mind notice how things do not always seem to go your way. However when we are in a positive frame of mind, we attract positive people and situations, and life seems to flow.

When we are in a negative frame of mind, we also often fall into a victim mode. We blame our unhappiness on a situation or person around us. The important thing to remember is we co-create our world with the universal source. Many people find this difficult to accept because it can be a hard reality to realise the world you are living in or the challenges you face have been of your own choosing or creation.

Please remember there is a much bigger picture playing out than we often realise. We have challenges that we have chosen to learn from, we might have karma playing out, but ultimately, we are still in control. We have free will so you can choose how to react at every point, you can choose to be the victim or learn a lesson and be the strength.

If you find yourself in a negative space that is ok. You can feel it and be with it, acknowledge it and even send love to it. The reaction is your choice, that is where you hold the power. If you can transmute that energy, you will continue to grow.

Over the coming weeks I encourage you to take your power of creation back. Send love and light to all thoughts, situations, and challenges. Let’s co-create this amazing new world together.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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