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Everything is Energy

Hello and welcome back! I hope this post finds you well and continuing to grow on this journey we are on together.


I speak and write about energy a lot. This is because everything is energy and as a result everything is connected. This information then gives us the ability to heal ourselves, others, relationships and circumstances. Yours thoughts and words are energy so what you think and speak you help to create. Negativity about others comes back to you. This is all very powerful information that many people are not aware of.


You can improve your health and heal from dis-ease with this knowledge. When faced with health challenges you can change your thoughts and words towards yourself. Send love and give thanks to your body and cells. Remember that what you consume is also energy. If you need to improve your health, then it is important to make sure you are putting in the right foods. Stay away from take out and processed foods and eat plenty of fresh live foods such as fruits and vegetables. This all helps the energy frequency in the body to be healthier and in a position to heal more easily.


You can improve relationships with others by coming from a space of love and kindness. We do not always have to agree with their thoughts, actions, or decisions but we can still send them love. Unconditional love heals all things. You can use your thoughts and visualise a happy loving positive relationship and see love being sent from yourself to the other person. This all makes a difference as it is all energy.


Daily mediation and time out to rest has been proven to improve people’s health and moods, reduce stress and increase life expectancy. This helps to bring about greater awareness and consciousness and gives us valuable time out from the ongoing mind chatter and stresses of the world.


The energy of the sun helps to lift our moods and the energy of the earth when grounding helps to recharge and heal our bodies. Nature and animals are all made up of energy. By spending time with nature this helps to elevate our well-being.


When faced with a negative emotion it can be helpful to realise that it is not the true soul, the real you that exists now and beyond the body, but this is also an energy that has formed. We have the power to acknowledge and release the energy in many ways which I have shared before.


Over the next few weeks I would suggest giving time to utilising this incredible power you have. Practise visualisation of positive outcomes in any area of your life that requires it. Send love to anyone or any situation that needs healing. Be present and aware of your thoughts and words as much as possible. Witness and even right down the blessings and changes that present themselves.


You do not need to go along for the ride that life takes you on. You can take control right now and create the world you would like. Only you hold that power!


I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.



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