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The answer to healing, peace and unity

Hello and welcome back. I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the gift of life that we have been given and chosen to be part of.

I have mentioned it before but whether you realise or not we are living at a very crucial point in time. We collectively are creating and shaping not only our present moment but the future for ourselves and the generations to follow.  There appears to be much chaos on our beautiful Earth at this point in time. As the rich get richer, more and more people worldwide fall into poverty and face rising inflation, rising interest rates on loans, increasing mortgages, increasing rent and increasing cost of living, while we witness our governments sending millions to support wars in other countries while more and more people become homeless in their own country. Feminine hygiene products are getting placed in men’s bathrooms and children are allowed to start transitioning to the opposite gender from 3 years old and teens can now do so without parental consent. Surely, we as a society need to wake up and really look around and question what is going on.  

With these additional stresses on top of everyday challenges that we can be presented with many people are struggling day to day and as a result of all this pressure it also affects our health and relationships.


So how do we help ourselves and in turn the planet? Anger, hate and negative emotions only signal out through our own energy to the universe to continue to bring us more of the same. In this time of chaos the answer is and always has been love. With love we become united, we help not only ourselves, but in turn we also help each other. What we send out comes back to us.


Love can dissolve the issues we have within ourselves and also with the division that has been created amongst each other. When we can see another being as a soul living an earthly existence as we are, we now have a connection. Each of us struggles, each of us has challenges, but when you take it down to the basic level there is a human there that just wants to be loved and accepted, just like you do.


The starting point is yourself and that may feel challenging for many. You can start small by taking a few minutes every morning to send love to yourself. This is as simple as saying “I love you” to yourself. Give thanks and send love for any blessing in your life each day. It may be as simple as feeling love for the people in your life, feeling love for the animals, for the sun or for a bird flying by.


The more than you can focus and feel the love flowing through you the more that beautiful loving energy will flow back to you. If every single person did this we would be living in an abundant, war free, division free world in no time. That is the power we hold!


For the next few weeks give time to send yourself love each day. If there are challenging relationships, you can either step away if they are unhealthy or send the person love and let go and let it be. You can do this for all situations. Send love and let it be and trust in the higher source and the universe. The creator of all that is, the universal divine source, will always allow you free will and provide you with what you signal out with your energy.


You have the ultimate power. Given the state of what is going on around our world it becomes clearer to me every day that the more of us that can come from that place of love the quicker we not only get our own lives into a better and more positive place but the sooner we unite and together we co-create the beautiful world that our future generations deserve.


I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.



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