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Blessings and miracles are everywhere

Hello and welcome back! I hope this post finds everyone well.

It is often very easy for us to become distracted from what truly matters. This past week for myself personally, was at times very challenging and draining. People that I spoke to were also experiencing the same feeling. I reached a point where I felt quite deflated and down. Recognising what is going on with our emotions rather than acting on them is a great way to help heal yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. I took myself outside to do some grounding and get some sunshine, both of which help us tremendously to release negativity and uplift our mood.

As I stood outside overlooking the trees, I heard the squark of a small blue wren bird. As I focused on this small, beautiful bird, two more other small birds came into the area. I took a deep breath and watched them dance around me playfully. These beautiful creatures reminded me there is so much more to life and how easily we can miss these special moments. I then noticed butterflies were also now in the area as well and when I looked at the surrounding trees, they became so alive in colour. I felt very connected to our beautiful earth and appreciative for what I was witnessing.

We often get so caught up in things of no real importance. We work because money is currently required for our basic needs of living, but we often forget to make sure we make time to balance ourselves. Many people get caught up in the fear fed through the mainstream media which has no positive impact on our well-being. Others like to gossip and talk about others which again does not bring about any positive outcome but instead will bring the negativity you have put out in the universe back to you.

I see many people when I am out and about, and they are walking along with their eyes on their phone. I see the same thing when passing restaurants or cafes. There will be families out for a meal and each person is focused on their phone. I have seen parents at the park with their children and while the child plays the parent has their attention focused on their phone.

When you feel stressed or overwhelmed it is important to stop, even just for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths, walk away, put yourself as the priority. By doing so you will not only catch the glimpse of wonder around you, but you will now be able to give better and more focused attention to the issue at hand when you return to it.

Over the next few weeks I would highly recommend dedicating some time to putting all devices down, spend some time outside, let all thoughts go and really focus on what amazing blessing are going on around you that you otherwise would not have noticed.

I suggest the same with the people around you. Give them your full attention. Listen to them, watch the body language and truly be there with them. Let the distractions of phones, news, gossip, and work go for a while. Focus on the moment now, the people you are with and the nature that surrounds you. There is a whole magical world full of blessings and miracles if you only take the time to pay attention and appreciate.

The more appreciation and gratitude you have the more that will come to you.

I myself was very grateful for the reminder of the magic of life when I took the time to step away from what felt like a chaotic day to be reminded there is so much more to life that is easy to miss if we are not paying attention.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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