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Be present in every moment

Hello and welcome back. As we continue our journey together and learn that we do have more power than we realised or have been taught, and that this information has for the most part been kept from us, we can now start to really focus on what is truly important in our lives.

What do you really want from your life? Remember if you give focus and energy to what you would like in life this does go out to the universe and this in turn helps to create it. Every positive thought is a drop in the ocean, so it is important to keep them coming. If you spend most of the day looking at the negative and then 5 minutes visualising your positive, then the drops to your ocean of thought and energy going out to the universe will likely not end the way you had hoped for in that dedicated 5 minutes.

Many may question how to keep the positivity coming, particularly when there appears to be much negativity in the world. In my opinion it is important to firstly remain present in the moment. Regrets over past decisions or actions do not help at all. If you have learnt from then and would do things differently then that is progress so there is no need to dwell in that space. Secondly, why would you give energy to worrying about the future? This is only helping to send out energy to the universe for a world you actually do not want to create.

I suggest just focusing on this moment you are in right now. Be as present as possible. Be aware of everything around you. Be grateful for just being alive. There is beauty in every moment if you choose to look for it. There is of course negative too, the choice is always yours. You are the artist and creator of your life story. I personally chose to look at seeing and being grateful for as much of the positive as I can.

For the next few weeks try to be really aware of what is going through your mind. Are you in the moment now and fully present or are you giving attention to past or future concerns? In reality there is only the moment that is the now. Enjoy your loved ones, enjoy nature, and enjoy this amazing gift of life.

If you want to look forward and create a better world the only way to get there is by being grateful for everything you can in your moment now. Every moment of grateful now is a drop in that ocean towards your future,

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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