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Are you ready to ask some hard questions so you can shine the light on the darkness?

Hello and welcome back. I thank you for joining me on this journey once again.

As many truths start to slowly emerge about the world we live in, the many deceits by our governments around how the last few years were handled, the many lies we have been given for decades, if not longer, along with the current major censorship on media platforms, one may begin to feel dismayed, angry, lost, overwhelmed or simply one may wish life to go back to normal and pretend that everything is fine.

You can certainly pretend everything is ok and that life is back to normal. The choice is always yours. You are the creator of your world. These are of course difficult words to hear for many people currently suffering and struggling. Always remember however that there is a bigger picture playing out than our human minds can often understand. Often the struggles we experience are to help us move in a different direction, or perhaps a challenge we may have accepted to go through, but of course this is extremely difficult to hear while you are experiencing it. Please know that we did agree to come here to experience and learn lessons. We also accepted the challenge to realise how incredibly powerful we are. We just need to awaken and see through the veil of deception being presented to us.

We are here to see through the lies and deceit and to find our true inner power, our inner God or Goddess, connect with the universal source and all that is so that we can transform our life and in turn all of those around us. The darkness has been overpowering our beautiful planet, the fear continues to be fed to us, and this keeps us locked in a place of unhappiness. That is where the darkness would like us to stay for our power is far greater than you have been taught or may possibly imagine.

If you are still reading this, then I know you are here to help bring the light. We are at an amazing turning point in time. There has been much darkness for a long time though many may not realise it. However with each passing day more and more people are waking up to the power of their thoughts and their words. Everything is energy and everything is connected. This information is so powerful!

Yes, you may experience hardship and trials, we all do and that is part of the learning and awakening experience. The question is how will you handle it? Do you become the victim, or do you own the challenges presented, trust the universe, and focus on love and gratefulness and fight where you need to for what you believe is right? You may not always have control of what is happening to you, but you always have control of your reaction and how you handle the situation presented.

It is time to take a stand against the great corruption going on around the world. Own your power, focus your thoughts on positive outcomes, on the truth coming out, and find the inner strength to take a stand when the situation requires.

Together as we awaken to some hard truths that we may not want to have looked at we can change the future not only for ourselves, but our children and grandchildren.

Please give time each day to envisioning a world filled with love, compassion and joy, where the darkness cannot survive. The more of us that can do this the sooner our shining light can eliminate the darkness.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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