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The Great awakening is upon us!

Hello and welcome back. We are living at an incredible point in time whether you realise this or not. Our beautiful earth is shifting to higher energies and as this is happening, we are also moving with her to higher frequencies.

As these higher energies come in more and more people are waking up from the dream like state that has been their life to realise there is much more going on than we first realised. Most of us were not taught as children how powerful we actually are. I would love for this information to be taught to our children, the power of our thoughts and the energy of love, how to tune into our intuition, meditation, connecting to the earth, the healing powers of the sun, sound and animals and most importantly connecting to the universal source of which we are all connected to. Imagine what a powerful, strong, loving and connected community we would be if we grew up with this information from the beginning.

Many of us however were brought up instead to be seen but not heard. To believe what we were told, follow instruction, to behave, be good, sit up straight, get good grades at school, and follow what we were told by authority without question. We are raised to follow others and I wonder why we are not allowed to question or understand what we are being told.

When my son was only 2 or 3 he was in trouble for not following the instruction to come across to the other side of the room at day care. I asked the lady looking after the children if she told him why he needed to cross the room. She was of course stunned that she would need to explain this to a child. I personally do not understand why we want to raise our children to be robot like. There is a soul in that little being on the same journey as us. Let’s encourage the questions and teach them how to be healthy and that they have the ability to create a beautiful world and live with love in their heart and soul.

We hear the word misinformation and disinformation thrown around a lot these days. Many people have been banned from social media platforms for questioning the narrative or sharing stories that did not fit with the narrative the mainstream media gives us. I find this alarming as it is always important to question what you are being told. Does it feel right in your stomach? We should be able to question, and I do not understand why people need to be banned for speaking out. If the truth is being told to us, then why is their fear around the question? The truth certainly never fears being questioned…..

Thankfully more people are awakening at this point in time and reconnecting to their inner being. People are realising there is more to life than the weekly work week grind to earn money to pay off material possessions. Many are turning inward and learning to listen to their intuition and gut feelings and starting to follow steps towards becoming someone who is filled with love, joy and appreciation for life and others.

We are truly powerful but sadly so many of us were not taught this. With this great awakening however many of us are now discovering our true capabilities and connection to the universe and that we are the co-creators of a new and beautiful way of life on earth. Let’s take this knowledge and share it with those ready to listen and let’s help the younger ones from the beginning so that we help make way for a better future.

I am grateful to be on this journey with you.

I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.


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