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Releasing the emotional baggage you have collected on your journey

Hello and welcome back. I would like to thank all of you on this journey with me. I am truly grateful to each and every one of you. As I share my thoughts and insights I continue to learn and grow myself. I am not sure when or if we stop learning, but I do know that the more that I learn and the more my awareness about the world we live in grows, the more I want to continue to learn and grow myself and in turn help others.

It is important to understand that as we take this journey of healing, self-improvement and connecting back to the universal source that all the emotional baggage that we have collected since the day we are born now needs to be released and cleared. As we go through the healing process, be it to heal ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, emotions will arise so that we can release them. You always have a choice when a deep emotion arises. You can choose to follow and be taken over by the emotion which does nothing to help you on any of those levels, or you can choose to acknowledge and accept that the emotion is there and take steps to release it.


There are many ways to release negative energies that arise. I have mentioned many times the benefits of grounding with the earth, getting some sunshine, meditation, and time in nature. While I do highly recommend doing all of these regularly, I do understand that we may not always be in a position to do them when the emotion arises. My suggestion is to acknowledge the emotion, thank it for showing up so that it can be released. Give thanks, forgive yourself, and let it know that you now set it free and that it can return to universal source. Take time to visualise this and feel the emotion and the weight that came with it being sent back to the universal source so it may be transmuted back to divine love and light.


Please see each emotion that arises as a blessing to continue to release and cleanse. For most of us much baggage has been collected along our life’s journey. We are now learning that we can feel, acknowledge and return that baggage back to universal source so that we may heal on all levels from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


 For the next few weeks I would suggest trying the process of acknowledging any emotion that arises that feels negative, forgive it, forgive yourself, and send it back to universal divine source. You are truly powerful and releasing the baggage that has been collected will help you to heal on all levels. The emotions that arise are there to be acknowledged and set free. This is part of our healing process and brings us closer to the divine source.


You are powerful, you are co-creating with the universe and as you embrace this gift that you have you help heal yourself and also others around you.


I wish you much love and light and look forward to the next post.



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